World of Oil Derivatives

A Guide to Financial Oil Trading in a Modern Age

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Greg Newman Breaks Down the Inner Workings of Oil Markets

LessonChapter overview to one of the world’s most complex industries


History of Oil Trading

Introduction to physical oil market, its sectors, history, buying process, exchanges, & financialisation.


Commodities Trading

Guide to oil derivative trading, investment banks, exchanges, contracts, market uses, & regulations.


Oil Market Influencers

Overview of influencers: OPEC, geopolitical leaders, major companies, & research houses.


Oil Derivatives Market Analysis

Supply/demand models, market positioning, financial flows, participant behavior, & psychological influences.


Evaluating Market Conditions

Volatility, liquidity, technical indicators, & market scenarios based on volatility & liquidity.


Speculative Trading

Hypothesising, trade classification, risk, position sizing, exits, performance tracking, & hedging.


Determining Fair Value

Establishing contracts, linking regions, constructing forward curves, & organising contract hierarchies.


The Impact of Financialisation

Market maker growth, data sophistication, tech power, market dynamics change, oil derivatives, data future.


What is the Solution?

Exploring forward curves, market analyses, growth in derivatives trading, threats, & future trends.

Greg Newman Chief Executive Officer

Greg Newman is the Chief Executive of Onyx Capital Group - the world's largest liquidity provider in oil derivatives. Greg began his trading career at Mandara Capital aged twenty-two where he created the crude oil desk. Within three years, it became the largest independent market-maker in Dated Brent and Dubai swap markets. In 2016, Greg left Mandara with colleague Omar Kayaam to launch Onyx. Greg has been the driving force behind Onyx's development on the trading floor and beyond, establishing training programmes, research, data services, brokerage, news, and analysis. He's featured in “40 Classic Crude Oil Trades” and the crude desks he formed at Mandara and Onyx are in “Brent Crude Oil: Development of the Benchmark.” Greg holds a BEng in Biochemical Engineering from University College London.

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The Financial Conduct Authority has released warnings that the following unauthorised firms “Onyx Traders” and "Onyx Trade Group" may be targeting people in the UK. The Onyx Capital Group, and its subsidiaries (collectively "Onyx"), do not have any association with these firms. Onyx Commodities Limited (FRN: 778117) and Onyx Capital Advisory Limited (FRN: 822509) are both authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.