Our ambition is to scale the market in petrochemicals & clean oil products

Incorporating Clean Oil & Sustainability as Foundational Principles

In our first years of operation Onyx has focussed on making the oil and gas market more accessible, at lower cost, to anyone who wants to trade in these fossil fuels. Onyx traders have made this market more open and efficient. In a small way we have reduced the need for petrochemical products by reducing the inherent waste in inefficient trading.

But we know we must do more. The world must shift from fossil fuels and derive oil from renewable and non-polluting sources. This is an exciting time in the oil trading market. Dominant players must swiftly shift away from increasingly unusable assets. The brightest minds and quickest actions will define and capitalize on a new oil era.

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Disclaimer Notice: Unauthorised Firms

The Financial Conduct Authority has released warnings that the following unauthorised firms “Onyx Traders” and "Onyx Trade Group" may be targeting people in the UK. The Onyx Capital Group, and its subsidiaries (collectively "Onyx"), do not have any association with these firms. Onyx Commodities Limited (FRN: 778117) and Onyx Capital Advisory Limited (FRN: 822509) are both authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.