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Gren Newman Linkedin
Co-founder & CEO

Greg operates as the Group Chief Executive and an Executive Director on the Company’s Board. Greg pulled back from trading as Head of Crude at Onyx in early 2019 to focus on driving the company’s growth and strategic vision full-time. Greg holds a BEng in Biochemical Engineering from University College London.

Omar Kayaam Linkedin
Co-founder & CIO

Omar pulled out of full-time trading in 2022 where he was Head of gasoline, to oversee operations and expansion in our world-leading market-making operation. Omar also operates as Executive Director on the Company's Board. He holds an M.Sc. and a B.A. Hons. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cambridge.

Pete Smith Linkedin
Non-executive Director

Pete Smith, with over 15 years at Vitol B.V., is a seasoned trading and derivatives market specialist, with previous roles including his long-standing tenure of over 17 years as Managing Director at Morgan Stanley and as a Trader at Alexanders Rouse. He built his expertise after graduating from Lancaster University.

David Fransen Google
Non-executive Director

David Fransen, Chairman of Vitol S.A. Geneva, was a Director of multiple Vitol Group firms and Watford AFC. With roles spanning gasoline trading, management, and central information system development, he joined Vitol in 1986 after British Petroleum, holding a B.Sc. in Mathematics from Royal Holloway College.

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Group Executives

ExecsInnovative strategists shaping the future landscape

Ishaan Hemnani Linkedin
Group CCO

Ishaan, our Group Chief Commercial Officer, previously founded BunkerEx, a pioneering platform democratising marine fuels industry data. Acquired in 2021, BunkerEx gained industry-wide adoption under his leadership. With an oil trading background with companies such as at Glencore and Noble Group.

Andrew Chen Linkedin
Group CFO

Andrew, our Chief Financial Officer, a Chartered Accountant with over 25 years’ experience in execution and advisory across private equity, equity & debt capital markets and mergers & acquisitions through in-house corporate investment banking, has held significant roles, including Group Deputy CFO at TP ICAP.

John Beckwith Linkedin
Group CPO

John, our Chief People Officer a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD, CMI brings extensive HR skills having worked at executive level for world-class trading and broking global organisations. His experience in high change environments is notable, which includes multiple mergers and acquisitions, IPO processes and demergers.


Managing Directors

ExecsNavigating success with visionary approaches

Miles Hempsall Linkedin
Group Commercial Director

Miles, with 30+ years in oil & gas, excels in trading, business development, and building research and analysis businesses. Currently driving revenue in non-trading arms: research, data, technology, advisory, media, and brokerage.

Harry Tchilinguirian Linkedin
Group Research Director

Harry is an experienced commodities research leader, previously Oil Market Analytics Director at TotalEnergies and Head of Commodity Markets Research at BNP Paribas, former Senior Oil Market Analyst at IEA.

Jorge Montepeque Linkedin
Director of Benchmarks

Jorge specialises in benchmark creation, formerly led Global Markets at Benchmark Creation and served as President at General Index, background includes senior roles at Eni Trading & Shipping and S&P Global.

Andrea Rebusco Linkedin
Retail Brokerage Director

Andrea directs strategic growth and partnerships, former roles include Head of Brokerage at Moneyfarm, Chief Commercial Officer at WiseAlpha and leadership positions at IG Group, with a Private Equity Analyst background.

Henry Monahan Linkedin
Group Operations Director

Henry was Head of Middle Office at Mandara and Man Group, managing teams for fund performance, portfolio rebalancing, FX hedging, and risk management, complemented by CFA charterholder status.

Laren Tan Linkedin
Executive Director Onyx Singapore

Laren, ex COO and Director at Ginga Petroleum, leading Ginga Global Markets in energy brokering services for oil, gas, petchems, LPG, palm oil, and biofuels, formerly Head of Derivatives Clearing at SGX and Executive Director at TA Futures.

Inspired Leadership: Driving Innovation & Growth

Onyx management stands out for their exceptional leadership cohesion, strategically aligning the organisation's efforts towards a unified vision of growth. Their advocacy for innovation fosters a culture where new ideas flourish, supported by a diverse range of perspectives within the team. Transparent communication ensures stakeholders are well-informed and engaged, while a commitment to empowering talent drives development opportunities throughout the organization. Proactively managing risks and maintaining a customer-centric focus underscore their ethical leadership approach. With a dedication to continuous improvement, the executive team navigates challenges with resilience, safeguarding the company's interests and guiding it towards sustainable success.

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